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Editor - Resident Writer - Webmaster - Front-End Developer

Rock has been an online writer and web content creator since 2005. He is also the Founder of Word Media Group. As a video games journalist, he is presently a member of the international organization - Games Press. He was formerly active as moderator of several international sports forums (e.g. InterBasket). A webmaster by profession, he's passionate with PC gaming, games modding and sports writing. He also goes by his online name - THE11thROCK and writes for Philippine Basketball News Team, Pilipinas Basketball History, Pinoy Search Network, Tera Blitz - Massive Geek and Gamer Network and Vital Health Club among others.

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Sharm Ricalde
Full-Stack | Back-End - Resident Developer

Sharm is a graduate of an Information Technology degree, and currently works as a programmer and freelance developer. Alongside, she also has a basic procurement background. Sharm is passionate in web design, automation and photography.

Email Address: sharmricalde@gmail.com

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