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The Walking Horde Mod

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Blitz Republic Mod

blitz republic

new rise of nations mod

Blitz Republic is a new Rise of Nations Extended Edition mod. Several features will be added to the game which will include new units, new skins, changes in game logic (such as border attrition removal) and more. One of the most awaited modifications include the increase of the population limit to 999,999 and the removal of nuclear cap by increasing the limit of nukes built to 9999. Economic feature includes the change of buildable farms from 7 to 100 per city.

the walking horde

7 days to die overhaul and ui mod

The Walking Horde is a free downloadable mod for 7 Days to Die - a survival zombie builder game. It is subdivided to two mod types, one is the overhaul mod, while the other is the UI mod. The overhaul mod adds several new features and logic into the game that makes it easier for players to survive during startup, while increasing the difficulty of the vital combat mechanics of the game. The UI mod makes the visual interface more like an RPG so you'll have all the needed statistics handy specially during zombie fights or survival adventures.