Games Release News: Adam’s Venture: Origins

adams-venture-originsSoedesco Publishing released Vertigo Games Adam’s Venture: Origins, a third person adventure puzzle videogame in the setting of the 1920’s era. You are tasked to lead the main protagonist Adam Venture against the schemes of the evil Clairvaux company.

Players are presented with challenging puzzles, next-gen visuals, and an engaging adventure wrapped in a great narrative. Origins is the reimagining of the Adam Venture franchise with focus on his first exploits. adams-venture-origins

Adam’s Venture: Origins Games Release

As opposed to most adventure games which draws strength from violence and physical prowess, Adam’s Venture is an exciting mental game. The visually stunning game also features several puzzles and mind challenges. The historical 1920’s makes the journey through forgotten tombs and crumbling cities a surprising experience. The storyline also brings Adam together with a female heroine, Evelyn, in their quest to solve the mysteries of the Garden of Eden and Solomon’s Temple.

Adam’s Venture: Origins is available for PC, PS4 and XBox One. You can check their Steam page at The Steam version is currently discounted at 30%, buy now!

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