Tech News: Western Digital boosts Raspberry Pi with 314Gb PiDrive

technews-western-digital-pidrive-314GbTech News: Western Digital just boosted Raspberry Pi storage with a shiny 314Gb WD PiDrive. The new slim drive from Western seeks to address issues with external storage in Raspberry Pi’s, which normally relies on SD cards with very limited space.

Other USB Drives in the market are so power hungry that running them alongside a mini-PC Raspberry Pi is thought to be ill-advised. PiDrive, according to WD, gives you a fast and spacious USB connected disk with lower and efficient power requirements. It also comes bundled with a special version of BerryBoot, a multi-tool OS.technews-western-digital-pidrive-314Gb

For starters, Western Digital’s PiDrive won’t go cheap, with prices starting at 45.81 US Dollars. Mind you, that is relatively much more expensive than the Raspberry Pi itself. However, the opportunity to increase your storage at a much lower power drain may appeal to most PC builders with the extra dough.

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