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blitz republic

new rise of nations mod

Blitz Republic is a new Rise of Nations Extended Edition mod. Several features will be added to the game which will include new units, new skins, changes in game logic (such as border attrition removal) and more. One of the most awaited modifications include the increase of the population limit to 999,999 and the removal of nuclear cap by increasing the limit of nukes built to 9999. Economic feature includes the change of buildable farms from 7 to 100 per city.

blitz republic

IS A new mod for rise of nations extended edition
to be released via steam workshop


Blitz Republic equips the Rise of Nations gamer with vital tools to gain the necessary edge in the battlefield. Mod increases the population cap to 999,999 from the former limit of 200. It also removes the practical limit of nuclear missiles used in game to 9999, theoretically making the nuke warfare an unlimited strategy. It also increased the farm limit from 7 to 100 per city. Attrition is also removed from RON as well as several other game abilities were added.

game features

999,999 population limit
9999 Nuke Armageddon limit
100 farms per city
No more game attrition
New Unit skins
New Animations
Future Additions: Nation Campaigns


Blitz Republic Mod for Rise of Nations will add (as part of future releases) campaigns for United States, China, Russia and Israel. For modern take in history, we changed the Nubians to Arabs, the Bantu faction was changed to Khmer. As part of a later update, we will also change the Lakota to Brazil, Persians to Iranians, and later add a new country, Israel.

factions/nations changes

Nubians changed to Arabs
Bantu changed to Khmer
Future Changes: Lakota will be changed to Brazil
Future Changes: Persians will be renamed to Iranians
Future Country Addition: Israel

Blitz Republic - Rise of Nations Mod
Blitz Republic - Rise of Nations Mod
Blitz Republic - Rise of Nations Mod
Blitz Republic - Rise of Nations Mod
Blitz Republic - Rise of Nations Mod
Blitz Republic - Rise of Nations Mod

📙 mod team

🔷 blitzwarm4st3r - Mod Creator

📙 mod versions

📌 Version 0001 | 2021Aug31 | blitz_republic_rel_0001a.7z

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