Games Release: StarCraft 2 Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack 1

technews-starcraft-2-nova-corpsBlizzard brings to shore the first Starcraft 2 Nova Covert Ops Mission pack slated for March 30, 2016. Players can enjoy the pack even without the license of Starcraft 2 as long as they

have the free Starter Edition installed. The Nova Covert Ops mission packs will come in three DLCs, each having three missions (9 missions total). It will sell for $7.49 USD per pack.technews-starcraft-2-nova-corps

StarCraft 2 Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack 1 Games Release

Nova Covert Ops 2 follows the story of Nova, a covert Ghost operative. The story begins in Korpulu sector and involves defeating the Defenders of Man whilst assisting Emperor Mengsk. You are tasked to infiltrate and beat all the opposing forces utilizing your sneaking capabilities.

The two last packs of Nova Covert Ops will come out reportedly before December as stated by Blizzard via Battle.Net. They also offer the entire pack for $14.99 USD bundle. A unique Nova portrait awaits players who pre-purchase Nova Covert Ops, and also the ghost skin Covert Ops.

Tip: For Starters, Starcraft 2 is a Real Time Strategy game created by Blizzard Entertainment.

StarCraft 2 Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack 1 trailer:

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