Tech News: Heroes of the Storm to add Lost Cavern map

tech-news-heroes-of-the-storm-lost-cavernBlizzard announced the coming addition of a new Heroes of the Storm map, Lost Cavern. Lost Cavern takes a different approach by concentrating on single-lane fights in Heroes of the Storm.

There will be no Hearthstones and no Starting Area Heals. What? However, Regeneration Orbs and Brushes are still strategically placed around the lane to make fights laser-focused and much more

Heroes of the Storm Lost Cavern

Blizzard explained, “We’ve seen that players have been creating one-lane matches on Heroes’ existing maps, so we wanted to create a Battleground that makes things a little easier – and maybe even a little more exciting – for everyone who enjoys these games,”. They further stated in Battle.Net, “Don’t let any existing rules stop you from coming up with your own new way to play, though, as Lost Cavern is meant to be a free place to experiment and play however you like. Think of this map as a sandbox in which you can express yourself creatively – as well as have fun playing. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!”.

How To Create your Custom Lobby to play your Lost Cavern map with your friends:

  • Pull-up Chat channel where you want to link your game.
  • Type-in /lobbylink Description
  • Hit Enter key to send
  • Done.
  • Players can hit your link and will be automatically placed into your Custom Game Lobby.
  • For the diehard and purist HoTS fans, the Lost Cavern will be available only via the Custom Game. No announcements yet from Blizz staff when it will be released, but with the fast-paced patching schedule of Battle.Net, we expect it to come sooner than expected.

    Tip: For starters, Heroes of the Storm is a Blizzard released MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

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