Tech News: AMD blasts nVidia GPUs in Doom 4K Benchmarks

doom-2016-bethesdaAMD‘s flaghip GPU blasted nVidia in 4K benchmarks for the upcoming 2016 game of Bethesda, Doom. Doom is a first person shooter that will serve as a reboot of the Doom series of games. Its main focus is to return to the classic appeal of the first Doom installment. Benchmark results released by GameGPU leads us to believe that AMD has nVidia’s number. The game version used was from an early build of Doom.
As reported, no special optimizations were made, meaning it only bodes well for AMD. The testers ran the benchmark in a system that had Intel Core i7-5960x CPU, Gigabyte X99 UD7 Wifi Motherboard and a 32Gb DDR4 2666 Mhz Memory. The driver used for AMD was Crimson Edition 16.11.1, while nVidia had GeForce-ION driver 361.75. Resolutions used included 4K at 3840×2160, 1440p at 2560×1440 and 1080p at 1920×1080.doom-2016-bethesda

AMD versus nVidia GPUs:
All in all, AMD trashed nVidia in every resolution. AMD notched 60FPS in minimum and average FPS tests, with almost all of it’s high-end Graphics Cards. The elite AMD hardware listed R9 290, R9 290X, R9 295X2 (dual-GPU), R9 Fury X, and R9 Nano. nVidia’s powerhouse GeForce GTX 980 Ti faltered compared to R9 290, which to be honest is something of a revelation. AMD blitzes in 1440p compared to nVidia which only eked out 41 and 51 FPS at 1440p. R9 290 had 55FPS average in contrast. It was also a rout at 4K with AMD R9 Fury X blazing at 32 and 41 FPS, while nVidia GTX 980 Ti SLI making only 27 and 34 at minimum and average FPS. The tests were done in Russian but GameGPU folks made sure their charts were ably translated to English.

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