Freeware Review: QTTabBar

freeware-qttabbarFreeware Review: QTTabBar is a freeware system utility add-on that enables Windows users to create and manage folder tabs in Windows Explorer with as much the same tab behavior of online browsers. QTTabBar lessens overall

Ubuntu Linux Versions Release Cheat Sheet

ubuntu-linuxUbuntu Linux Versions Release Cheat Sheet. Ubuntu, the Debian-based Linux free OS by Canonical Ltd, follows a semi-annual release schedule. The version numbers are based off the year and the month of release. Future releases, however, may opt not to follow this naming convention.

CLSID List and Windows Special Folders Cheat Sheet

clsidThis is the CLSID List and Windows Special Folders Cheat Sheet. Most of the Special Folders within the Operating System are known by unique strings also known as CLSIDs or Class Identifiers. Some can be used with FileSelectFile, FileSelectFolder, and Run. If and when a Windows Shell needs an access to a system folder, it uses the CLSID to search through the Registry to search for the appropriate .dll or other object.