freeware-qttabbarFreeware Review: QTTabBar is a freeware system utility add-on that enables Windows users to create and manage folder tabs in Windows Explorer with as much the same tab behavior of online browsers. QTTabBar lessens overall
windows clutter and memory use as this simple file manager removes the need to open multiple folders to browse files. This open-source tool also provides nifty features such as file tooltip viewer, scripts and skins.freeware-qttabbar
It must be noted that there are two versions of QTTabBar that exists online, one is from the original author, Quizo at WikiDot, and another one an alternate version from SourceForge. Both have not been updated recently, yet both works well with Windows 10. This Quizo version of QTTabBar looks more updated in comparison to the lighter SourceForge fork.
QTTabBar Features:
A. Simplified Interface
B. Runs fast on slow PCs
C. Multiple languages
D. Cycle through different folder tabs using mouse scroll
E. Folder tab color, title and background customizations
F. Middle-Click of folder icon opens it in new tab
G. Double-Click in windows folder brings you up in folder tree
H. Clone, Drag and drop folder to Tabs
I. Save and Export Tab history and settings
J. Show close button on tabs
K. Scripts, Skins and Plugins
L. Application launch with Parameters and Arguments
M. You can lock tabs and restrict window folder resize
N. Shortcut keys
O. Transparency
P. Compatible with Windows XP up to Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Q. It’s FREE (Optional Donation)
A. Takes time to get used to all the other new features
B. Tab skins and background color does not autochange with Windows theme change
THE11thROCK Rock Solid Award
QTTabBar Program Details:
A. Verdict and Rating: 8/10
B. Version Tested: Ver. v1038
C. Last Release: 2013-05-30
D. License: Freeware
E. Abandownware: Yes
F. Open Source: Yes
G. Installation Difficulty: Novice
H. Operating Systems Tested: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
I. Requirements: Microsoft.Net Framework 4.0
J. Portable: No
K. File Size: 4.81mb
L. Developer: QTTabBar at WikiDot
M. Download Link: QTTabBar WikiDot Download
N. Download Mirror: QTTabBar Mirror Download
O. VirusTotal Analysis: QTTabBar VirusTotal Analysis 0 of 61 Detection Analysis FILE CLEAN
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