Freeware Review: RegCleaner

freeware-regcleanerFreeware Review: RegCleaner. RegCleaner is a user-friendly freeware that helps you edit the Windows registry. Aside from giving you easy access to RegEdit, it also helps you in maintaining Shell Extensions, Uninstall Entries, OCX, Program Startups, File Types and check any new files registered. Regcleaner provides an easy GUI to delete orphaned registry entries. In cases when you mistakenly delete vital registry entries, the backup utility can help you get back on track. (more…)

How To Speed-Up Libre Office Startup and Disable the Splash Screen

libre-officeThis guide teaches you on How To Speed-Up Libre Office Startup and Disable the Splash Screen. Libre is a great office suite and a must-have alternative to Microsoft’s but the startup leaves much to be desired. In this How-To we will help you speed-up the startup of LibreOffice, tweak the memory settings and disable the nagging Splash Screen. (more…)

Freeware Review: Rocketdock

freeware-rocketdockToday’s Freeware Review: Rocketdock. Punk Software’s Rocketdock is a gorgeous Mac-Like desktop dock and app launcher for Windows. Rocketdock unfortunately was last updated in 2007, yet its features far outweigh its last patch date. Rocketdock sets itself above the competition by letting you drag and drop icons directly into the dock. (more…)
clsidThis is the CLSID List and Windows Special Folders Cheat Sheet. Most of the Special Folders within the Operating System are known by unique strings also known as CLSIDs or Class Identifiers. Some can be used with FileSelectFile, FileSelectFolder, and Run. If and when a Windows Shell needs an access to a system folder, it uses the CLSID to search through the Registry to search for the appropriate .dll or other object.

How To Hide Folders or Icons in Windows Explorer

This nifty tweak guides you on How To Hide Folders or Icons in Windows Explorer. This customization teaches you on how to remove the text in a folder or icon, and consequently how to replace that icon with an invisible graphic. The resulting action gives the impression that the icon is hidden when in fact it is still intact and clickable. (more…)

How To create Shortcut Icons with No Text label in Windows

how-to-hide-icon-labelsThis is your guide on How To create Shortcut Icons with No Text label in Windows Explorer. The tweak essentially works only for shortcut icons and removes the name or text label from the shortcut icon thereby making it appear as just an icon without any label. It also effectively removes the tooltip text, but will show a tip on which directory the icon resides. (more…)