Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game spanning the world history. Released in 2003, It was developed by Big Huge Games and published by Microsoft Studios. Conquer the world with one of 18 nations, build wonders like the Pyramids or the Statue of Liberty, or master military units like the Hoplite, Horse Chariots, Battle Tanks or Aircraft Carriers. The sole RON expansion, Thrones and Patriots was released in 2004.screenshots_rise-of-nations (more…)
rise-of-nationsThese are the PC Cheats for Rise of Nations. Released for Windows on May 20, 2003, Rise of Nations is a real time strategy video game created by Big Huge Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. A brainchild of Civilization II designer Brian Reynolds, it was re-released on Steam on June 12, 2014 as Rise of Nations Extended Edition through developer SkyBox Labs.