CAT5 – CAT6 Color Scheme Wire Combination Cheat Sheet

cat5-color-combinationCAT5 – CAT6 Color Scheme Wire Combination Cheat Sheet. CAT5 or CAT6 Cables are twisted pair cables which carry signals necessary for network communication such as the Ethernet. CAT is the short name for Category. These cable standards (more…)

Tech News: Western Digital boosts Raspberry Pi with 314Gb PiDrive

technews-western-digital-pidrive-314GbTech News: Western Digital just boosted Raspberry Pi storage with a shiny 314Gb WD PiDrive. The new slim drive from Western seeks to address issues with external storage in Raspberry Pi’s, which normally relies on SD cards with very limited space. (more…)

AMD releases uber fast A10-7890K CPU for Desktop

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) just released its fastest GPU integrated processor with the A10-7890K processor. This development brings to light the possibility of assembling a10-7890k-cpu-released (more…)

Tech News: AMD blasts nVidia GPUs in Doom 4K Benchmarks

doom-2016-bethesdaAMD‘s flaghip GPU blasted nVidia in 4K benchmarks for the upcoming 2016 game of Bethesda, Doom. Doom is a first person shooter that will serve as a reboot of the Doom series of games. Its main focus is to return to the classic appeal of the first Doom installment. Benchmark results released by GameGPU leads us to believe that AMD has nVidia’s number. The game version used was from an early build of Doom. (more…)