AMD releases uber fast A10-7890K CPU for Desktop

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) just released its fastest GPU integrated processor with the A10-7890K processor. This development brings to light the possibility of assembling a10-7890k-cpu-released
a10-7890k-cpu-releasedDesktop systems at a relatively cheaper price. The top-tier AMD A-Series processor is reported to handle resource intensive 3D applications and high-definition PC Games.

AMD is reportedly shipping the initial batch as of this writing. The release is a great news for PC building enthusiasts and the PC gaming crowd, specially those with limited budget.

A10-7890K CPUs are based off the Godavari architecture and boasts of 1.02 teraflops of horsepower, which blazes past its A10-7870K brother. It was also mentioned by folks at PC-World that the processor is similar in performance to a 57-core Xeon Phi 3120P supercomputer chip which Intel released last 2013.

An unlocked chip geared towards over-clockers, 7890K contains four (4) CPU Cores and eight (8) Radeon R7 Graphics cores. AMD has steadily released top FX chips without integrated video graphics, the entry of a speedy 7890K may probably change the CPU landscape as builders may opt for a cheaper CPU without the need for an additional GPU shell-out.

Another good news from AMD comes with the bundled CPU heat-sink, the Wraith Cooler . Wraith is a next generation AMD processor cooler using advanced CPU cooling via heat dissipation.

For the over-clocking crowd, AMD also released a near-silent 125-watts Thermal Solution cooler which will come as a separate add-on for A10-7890K. It is reported to be almost the same as Wraith Cooler without the lights.

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