PC Cheats for StarWars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga are listed here for archiving and recording purposes. Galactic Battlegrounds is a 2D StarWars based real time strategy video game which Ensemble Studios developed with LucasArts which the latter released on 2001 for Windows. StarWars Galactic Battlegrounds sourced the same engine that Age of Empires 1 and 2 utilized. starwars-galactic-battlegrounds-cheats
StarWars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga PC Cheats, Codes and SecretsSWGB lets you play either as the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Gungans, Royal Naboo, Trade Federation, the Wookies and the Confederacy. Relive the Star Wars lore by producing RTS units like the Sith or Jedi Masters, Mechs, Troopers and more. To use the cheats in Galactic Battlegrounds, press enter and type-in the desired cheats. Some PC Cheats will only work with the Clones Campaign expansion.
Real Time Strategy, StarWars Based
Single Player, Multiplayer Online, LAN
2001 for Windows
LucasArts, Disney
Ensemble Studios, LucasArts
Steam Achievements
StarWars Galactic Battlegounds Saga PC Cheats:
Press the Enter key to bring-up chat, and type-in the desired cheats then hit Enter again afterwards.
Instant 1000 Food
Instant 1000 Carbon
Instant 1000 Nova
Instant 1000 Ore
Removes Fog of War
Reveals Map
Instant Construction and Research
the fighters are coming in too fast
Air Units become faster (Clone Campaigns)
intensify the forward fire power
Ground Units become stronger (Clone Campaigns)
that’s no moon
Summon Deathstar – with 999 attack power
simonsays Summon
Summon Killer Ewok
Summon Invisible Ship
galactic upheaval
Summon Decimator
imperial entanglements
Summon Star Destroyer
tantive iv
Summon Leia’s Blockade Runner
Summon Speed Boat with increased firepower (Clone Campaign)
Win Mission
Destroy All Enemies
Destroy indicated enemy
StarWars Galactic Battlegrounds Unlockables
How to Unlock
Battle for Endor mission
Complete 5 Darth Vader missions, plus cloud city attack mission
Battle For Theed mission
Complete all 6 Boss Nass missions
Cloud city attack mission
Complete 5 Darth Vader missions
Endor mission
Complete 5 Princess Leias’ missions, plus Hoth mission
Grassy Plains mission
Complete all the 6 OOM-9 missions
Hoth mission
Complete 5 Princess Leias’ missions
Liberation of kessel mission
Complete 6 Chewbacca’s missions
Silken asteroid field (challenge mission)
Complete 5 Princess Leias’ missions, plus Hoth and Endor missions
Chewbacca Easter Egg
Within the Chewbacca Campaign Menu, your first assignment is Homecoming. As soon as you start the mission, use forceexplore cheat. With this enabled, we can see the entirety of the map. In the right side you should see an area that you wouldn’t normally be capable to enter. To view this area, use the simonsays cheat to summon the Killer Ewok. Afterwards, you should see young Obi-Wan and the Captain, both from Episode I. As soon as you finish all the new mission objectives, you will also find Queen Amidala, young Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn and others more.
Second Campaign Behind The Lines Easter Egg
In this campaign there is a break in the mountain range in the northwest area. Trees cover this location. You can destroy the trees by utilizing your peasant carbon harvesters, or do it fast by using your artillery by force fire. In that same Northwest area you will find Qui-Gon, Jar-Jar Binks and Obi-Wan who will automatically join your army. Also, if you move this heroes to the western edge of the map screen, you’ll also get a Gungan boat.
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