adams-venture-originsAdam’s Venture Origins PC Cheats, Codes and Secrets. Adam’s Venture is an adventure and puzzle videogame developed by Vertigo Games and published by Soedesco. A cross between Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and Uncharted,
Origins places you on the quest of Adam Venture for the Garden of Eden and Solomon’s Temple. Origins spices-up the historic 1920’s setting with the exploration of ancient ruins, artifacts and clever puzzle challenges.adams-venture-origins
Adventure, Puzzle Genre
Single Player
April 1, 2016 for Windows
Soedesco Publishing
Vertigo Games
Unity 5
Steam Achievements
Adam’s Venture Origins Unlockable Steam Achievements
Get your Steam Achievements for Adams’s Venture: Origins for PC in Steam by performing selected actions to unlock the desired achievements. To check your current Steam Achievements, go to the Commnutiy Tab in Steam, select Adam’s Venture: Origins then hit View Stats. Select the choice that displays your achievements and you’re good to go!
Adam may yet surprise you!:
You always find a way back!
Adding a bit of wisdom:
You found Solomon’s treasure.
All roads lead to Luz:
The adventure begins.
Dominus Illuminatio Mea:
You found a secret passage.
Heavy sleeper:
Hero of the day:
You’ve saved the world from a religious war.
It all ends with a bang:
You escaped!
Kill two stones with one bird:
You’ve restored the water supply.
Knock knock…:
You opened the gate of Eden.
Leap of faith:
Take the leap of faith.
Nerves of steel:
You saved the temple mount.
Onwards, to paradise!:
You’ve found the location of Eden.
Pairing up:
You’ve teamed up with Evelyn.
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