Cossacks 3 PC Cheats Codes Secrets require players to press Ctrl+Enter to activate PC cheats in-game. Cossacks 3 is a Real Time Strategy video game for PC released by GSC Game World in 2016. Cossacks 3 PC Cheats Codes Secrets
Cossacks 3 PC Cheats Codes SecretsControl massive armies from the 17th and 18th century, and play in 8-player multiplayer mode. Now in full 3D, it relives the historical accuracy of the original Cossacks RTS. The in-game camera for Cossacks 3 was limited for performance purposes, the cheat codes below will remove such limitations.
• Up to 16,000 soldiers • 12 nations • 100 research technologies • 140 historical buildings • Battles inland and at sea • Five single-player historical campaigns • Randomly generated maps
Real Time Strategy
Single Player, Multiplayer Online, LAN
2016 for Windows
GSC Game World
GSC Game World
Steam Achievements

Cossacks 3 PC Cheats Codes Secrets

To activate Cossacks 3 cheats, Press [Ctrl]+[Enter] during gameplay to bring-up the chat or console box. Then code-in the necessary cheats listed below:
Makes all missions available.
res %resource% %amount%
Obtain Resource Types: food wood stone gold iron coal all
• Usage:

res food 100000

res all 20000000
free camera
No limit on camera height
• Change Camera angle by holding:

• [Ctrl]+[MidBTN] and move your mouse

• [Ctrl]+[PageUp]/[Ctrl]+[PageDown] change camera angle of view

• [Home] key will returns to camera default
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