Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game developed by Westwood Pacific and published by Electronic Arts in 2000. It was the follow-up to the original Red Alert. RA2 was set in the cold-war era of the 1970s and continued the story of the Alied Campaign of the first game. Released back in 2001, Yuri’s Revenge was the only expansion pack of RA2.screenshots_ra2
screenshots_ra2 In this 2.5D strategy game, play either as Allies or the Soviets in Skirmish, Multiplayer or Campaign mode with an alternate ended storyline. Master the Iron Curtain, Weather Storm device, or use Prism Tanks, Terror Drones, Kirov Warships, Tesla Tanks or the fearsome Apocalypse. Fight as one of the nine nations with eight multiplayer modes available.
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Game Information
➤ Genre:
Real Time Strategy (RTS)

➤ Release Date:
Oct 23, 2000

➤ Developer:
Westwood Pacific

➤ Publisher:
Electronic Arts

➤ Platform:
Microsoft Windows
Other Data
➤ Game Mode:
Single Player Skirmish · Mission
Multiplayer LAN · Online

➤ Themes:
Historical · Sci-Fi

➤ Series:
CNC: Red Alert

➤ Player Perspective:
Isometric • Orthographic

➤ Franchise:
Command & Conquer

➤ Alternative names:
RA2 (Acronym)

➤ Engine:

➤ Available In:
Steam: ✗ • Origin: ✓ GOG: ✗

➤ Playable In:
GameRanger: ✓ • Tunggle: ✓ • XWIS: ✓

➤ Latest Version:

➤ Other OS:
Mac • Linux (Using Wine)

➤ Expansion:
Yuri’s Revenge

➤ Re-released in:
CNC: The First Decade
CNC: The Ultimate Collection

➤ Optional Patches:
IPX replacable with UDP Patch
Memorable Quote
Romanov: “Is it done, Yuri?” Yuri: “No, Comrade Premier. It has only begun.”
Memorable Quote
“The Apocalypse has begun.”
• Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000
• 266 MHz Processor
• 64 MB RAM
• 350 MB HDD space
• 4x CD-ROM Drive
• 2 MB video card
• DirectSound-compatible soundcard
Famous Units
• Apocalypse Tank
• Kirov Warship
• Yuri
• Tanya
• Prism Tank
• Tesla Tank
• Terror Drone
• Desolator
• Terrorist
• Bomb Truck
• Grand Cannon
• British Sniper
• Dreadnaught
• Black Eagle
• Aircraft Carrier
• Rocketeer
9 Playable Nations
• United States of America
• Russia
• France
• Iraq
• Britain
• Cuba
• Germany
• Libya
• South Korea
➤ Original Concept:
Brett Sperry

➤ Original Concept:
Joseph Bostic

➤ Executive Producer:
Mark Skaggs
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