Stronghold Crusader Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet are listed here for archiving and recording purposes. Stronghold Crusader is a 2D sim castle-based real time strategy video game which Firefly Studios released on 2002 for Windows. Stronghold Crusader Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
stronghold-crusader-cheatsStronghold Crusader Extreme expands your wartime capabilities with boost in resources and additional superweapon like powers. These keyboard shortcuts should help ease your Stronghold gaming and help you concentrate on crushing the opposition.
Shotcut Key
Game Command
CTRL + ALT + 0-9
Bookmark map locations
ALT + 0-9
Go to Bookmark locations saved
CTRL + 0-9
Group your Units into a Group
Numbers 0-9
Easy Select your Grouped Units
SHIFT + Mouse 1
Set Unit Patrol or Barracks Production Exit Waypoint
Double-Click Mouse 1 on any unit
Select Same Unit Types
Numpad + and –
Change Game Speed
Arrow Keys
Scroll game Map
Flatten map for a better view
Hold V
Pull down Landscape for better view
X & C
Rotate map clockwise or counter-clockwise
Zoom in and out
Take game Screenshot
Granary Quick Key
Barracks Quick Key
Market Quick Key
Keep Quick Key
Signposts Quick Key
Pauses Game
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