Counter-Strike Global Offensive CSGO PC Cheats, Codes and Secrets are listed here for archiving and recording purposes. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a first person shooter video game which Valve released on August 2012 for Windows. The following cheats are server based.CSGO PC Cheats Codes Secrets
CSGO PC Cheats Codes Secrets Cheats in CSGO Counter-Strike Global Offensive work only when sv_cheats is set to the value of 1. Additionally, the console is required to type the code for desired effect. If the console is not showing-up, make sure to enable developer console in CS:S options.

CSGO PC Cheats Codes Secrets

First Person Shooter (FPS)
Single Player, Multiplayer Online, LAN
August 12, 2012 for Windows
Hidden Path Entertainment · Valve
Steam Achievements
Counter-Strike Global Offensive CSGO PC Cheats Codes Secrets
    Press [~] in-game to display the console. Next, type-in sv_cheats 1 to enable your cheats. Then, enter any of the following codes to activate the desired cheat function:
All of the cheats must be entered from the host or server PC. Host machine must have sv_cheats set to 1 (sv_cheats 1). This only works for Admins (server operators), you can start your own bot server and use it there if you wish
CSGO PC Cheats Codes Secrets
CSGO PC Cheats Codes Secrets
sv_accelerate 5
Acceleration change
cl_forwardspeed 400
Forward movement change
sidespeed 400
Sideward movement change
backspeed 400
Backward movement change
sv_friction 4
Movement friction change
mp_autoteambalance 0
Turns auto team balance off.
mp_roundtime 60
Max roundtime set to 60 minutes.
mp_roundtime_defuse 60
Max roundtime set to 60 minutes.
mp_maxmoney 60000
Enables your maximum money to be 60.000
mp_startmoney 60000
You will start with 60.000 money.
mp_freezetime 0
No freezetime in the beginning of each round.
mp_buytime 9999
Almost unlimited buytime.
mp_buy_anywhere 1
You can open the buy menu and buy from anywhere on the map.
End warmup.
mp_restartgame 1
Restarts the game after 1 second.
sv_grenade_trajectory 1
Show a trajectory when you throw grenades.
sv_grenade_trajectory_time 10
Expands the time to see the trajectory to 10 seconds.
sv_showimpacts 1
Show bullet impacts,
sv_showimpacts_time 10
Expands the time to see the impacts to 10 seconds.
cl_showpos 1
Show current postion in top right corner of the screen.
Bot commands
Add a bot to T team.
Add a bot to CT team.
Kicks all the bots from the game.
Kills all the bots in the round.
bot_stop 1
Stops the bots, they will stand still and do nothing.
bot_mimic 1
Bots will mimic your movements and actions
mat_wireframe 1
Wireframe wallhack. You can check which walls you can shoot through.
Wallhack Wireframe Script Binds.
    • alias wall “wallon”
    • alias wallon “mat_wireframe 1;
    • alias wall walloff”
    • alias walloff “mat_wireframe 0;
    • alias wall wallon”
    bind “[key]” “wallon”
Fly through walls. Also you can’t die will in noclip mode.
r_drawothermodels 2
Wireframe model wallhack. You can see other players through the wall.
give [item name]
Spawns weapon/ammo/equipment.
host_timescale 4
Speedhack. Makes everyone on the server moves faster.
Speed Hack Script Binds
    • alias speed0 “host_timescale 1;
    • alias speedh speed1″
    • alias speed1 “host_timescale 4; alias speedh speed0”
    • alias speedh speed1
    bind [key] speedh
Weapon Recoil Hack
    • weapon_accuracy_nospread “1”;
    • weapon_debug_spread_gap “1”;
    • weapon_recoil_cooldown “0”;
    • weapon_recoil_decay1_exp “99999”;
    • weapon_recoil_decay2_exp “99999”;
    • weapon_recoil_decay2_lin “99999”;
    • weapon_recoil_scale “0”;
    weapon_recoil_suppression_shots “500”;
sv_infinite_ammo 1
Infinite ammo
Infinite life God Mode
Not really a cheat. Gives you thirdperson perspective
to go back to normal view
cl_predictweapons 0
Less recoil (no recoil):
cl_predict 0
Less spread (laggy – no spread):
host_timescale 3.0
Speedhack A
host_framerate 50
SpeedHack B
snd_show 1
Sound Detect
snd_visualize 1
Sound Detect
r_drawothermodels 2
wireframe wallhack
mat_fillrate 1
No flash wallhack
mat_proxy 2
another wallhack 2
r_drawbrushmodels 0
r_showenvcubemap 1
Chrome models
mat_fullbright 2
White walls
mat_normalmaps 1
Blue walls
Wireframe Wallhack Menu (actually a video test menu)
mat_fullbright 1
r_drawparticles 0
No smoke
snd_digital_surround 1
No flash
fog_enable 0
No fog
mem_force_flush 1
Entity box
r_partition_level 0
See Through Player Box for Wall Hack (crashes game)
r_drawmodelstatsoverlay 1
Player/weapon ESP
cl_leveloverview 2
Inspect Enemy
r_shadowwireframe 1
Shadow ESP
r_visualizetraces 1
Impact ESP
r_rainspeed 0
Trace ESP
cl_particles_show_bbox 1
Fire / smoke ESP
r_visualizelighttraces 1
Tracer ESP
r_modelwireframedecal 1
Hitlocation ESP
sv_showplayerhitboxes 1
Random Player Hitbox tracer
sv_showimpacts 1
Impact Marker
sv_consistency 0
Consistency Bypass
r_drawlights 1
Fire beacon
r_drawrenderboxes 1
Player boxes
vcollide_wireframe 1
Living/dead player indicator
mat_luxels 1
Luxels (squares on walls)
_aspectratio 0.3 (Default= 0)
cl_pitchup 900
Unlock max up sight
cl_pitchdown 900
Unlock max down sight:
cl_bobcycle 0
No Bob
mat_showlowresimage 1
Low resolution images (celled walls)
mat_surfaceid (voor memory addres)
Texture location
mat_surfacemat (voor texture naam)
Texture location
vgui_drawtree 1
Memory Adress Finder
ammo_grenade_limit_total 5
Carry more Nades
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