Act of War Direct Action

Act of War Direct Action is a (Real Time Strategy RTS) with a modern warfare themed game. Based on the suspense storyline of Dale Brown, Act of War Direct Action centers on counter-terrorism, geopolitical military conflict, energy crisis and global instability. act of war direct action
act of war direct action Using the latest in military technology, Act of War features eight-player multiplayer mode, single player campaign and skirmish in urban warfare style of combat. Command Abrams tanks, MLRS, Apache helicopters, M113 and HUMVEE personnel carriers.


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Game Information

➤ Genre: Real Time Strategy (RTS)

➤ Release Date: March 15, 2005

➤ Developer: Eugen Systems

➤ Publisher: Atari

➤ Platform: Microsoft Windows

Other Data

➤ Game Mode:
Single Player Skirmish · Mission · Castle Sandbox
Multiplayer LAN · Online

➤ Themes:
Modern Warfare · Urban Combat

➤ Series:
Act of War

➤ RTS Type:
Structure Building

➤ Player Perspective:
Bird View • 360 Degrees • Zoom

➤ Alternative names:
AOW (Acronym)

➤ Engine:

➤ Available In:
Steam: ✓ • Origin: ✗ GOG: ✓

➤ Playable In:
GameRanger: ✓ • Tunggle: ✓

➤ Other OS:

➤ Expansions:
• Act of War: High Treason

➤ Re-released in:
• Act of War: Gold Edition
• Steam

➤ PC Cheats:
Act of War Direct Action PC Cheats Codes Secrets

Memorable Quote

“First Look at Tomorrow’s War”


• Windows 2000/XP
• Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or equivalent (3.0 GHz)
• 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
• 3 GB HDD space
• 64 MB Hardware TL-compatible or better
• DirectX┬« version Windows 2000/XP

Three Factions

• Task Force Talon
• The Consortium
• United States Military

Famous Units

• M270 MLRS
• M109 Paladin
• M1 Abrams
• AH64D Apache
• Delta Force Commando
• US Marines
• RQ-4A Global Hawk
• S.H.I.E.L.D Unit
• Spinner Tank
• Buggy
• F-35 JSF
• YF-23 Black Widow II,
• Akula Stealth Tank
• Optical Camo Soldier

act of war direct action
act of war direct action

Critical Reception

➤ Metacritic • 82%
➤ GameRankings • 82.97%
➤ GameSpot • 8.5/10
➤ Game Chronicles 7.7 / 10
➤ Worth Playing 9/10
➤ 1UP 8.5/10
➤ GameZone 8.6/10
➤ Eurogamer 8/10
➤ GamingTrend 87/100

Notable Characters

• Yegor Zakharov
• Jason Richter
• Sergeant Major Jefferson
• Imad Kazim
• Arthur Kingman
• General Kelly


➤ Composer:
Marc Canham
➤ Composer:
Jonathan Williams

act of war direct action
act of war direct action

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