Best Social Media alternative App downloads 2021We compiled the best list of free social media apps that you can download from multiple platforms to avoid Big Tech censorship. With the draconian and Orwellian measures enforced by Big Tech against free speech and liberties, free alternatives are worth checking out.
These free apps (most are open source) support one or all of the following features: privacy, no ads (or non-invasive ads), free speech, pro-consumer rights, no user tracking, and optional or total encryption. We also included browsers and search engines that you can use to avoid usage tracking.Best Social Media alternative App downloads 2021
    Brave Browser is a block-chain based browser that espouses security, anti-ads, anti-tracking, privacy and performance. It also has the option to use VPN and Tor for browsing.
    Tor Project Browser is the default browser for Tor that is focused into anonymity, privacy and security. This non-profit browser is mainly used to bypass restrictive access (e.g. Communist countries).
    Cake Browser is a free browser that forces HTTPS for secured browsing. This browser is only available via mobile platforms.
Search Engine
    Duckduckgo is a popular internet Search Engine that gives importance to user privacy. It also does not tweak or filter search results unlike other search engines that employ bias search result practices. It also does not profile any of its users to personalize search results and employ re-targeting tactics.
    StartPage is another search engine that promotes privacy and disallows user tracking. The servers are hosted in Netherlands.
    SearX is a free metasearch engine that is privacy focused. It’s code is also hosted via Github.
    MetaGer uses 24 small-scale webcrawlers and Tor to provide increased anonymity to the user.
Video Sharing
    Rumble – Much like YouTube, Rumble is a Canadian-hosted video-sharing website that provides video hosting with creator monetization. As of this writing, Rumble is not available in App Store in Asia but only in US and Canada. It can still be accessed globally via its web-based version.
    BitChute is an alternate video streaming website that allows monetization. The site is community-funded and driven. Most of the news that is filtered by the new world order can still be searched on this media platform.
    Lbry is also an alternative to YouTube where one can upload and monetize videos. The main difference is Lbry is also a blockchain network. Odysee is the web-based version which can be accessed via any common browser.
Free Email
    ProtonMail is a secured alternative to GMail and Microsoft Mail. It provides end-to-end email encryption for both the sender and the recipient. The email servers are located in Switzerland where privacy laws benefit consumers.
    ZohoMail is a secured replacement to other email providers. You’ll surely like the fact that it does not serve ads like Google mail. It has a neat interface and includes a full suite of other online apps such as Calendar, Notes, Tasks, CRM, Meeting, Docs, and more.
    Tutanota Mail is another free email service that employs end-to-end encypryption. Tutanota uses 128 bit AES as well as RSA 2048 bit.
    Telegram is a cross-platform instant messaging app (with 500 million users as of January 2021) that provides end-to-end encryption in messaging, video calling, VOIP, file sharing and more. Telegram directly competes with WhatsApp, Google Chat, Skype and Facebook Messenger.
    Signal is another cross-platform messaging app for one-to-one or one-to-group messaging. It also employs end-to-end encryption and is also Open Source just like Telegram.
Social Networking
    MeWe is an alternative social media and social networking app much like Facebook. MeWe differs in approach as it values data privacy and allows the democratic flow of free speech compared to the restrictive approach of Facebook.
    Mumblit is an alternative to Facebook that values free speech.
    Gab is an alternative social media and social networking app that is a mashup of Facebook and Twitter. Gab promotes free speech and privacy, unlike Facebook. Gab has groups, chat, and shop functions. They also have a premium version for extra features like your own video channel and an option for ad removal.
    Minds is a blockchain social media platform that is focused on privacy, encryption and free speech.
    Gettr is a microblogging platform alternative to Twitter. It promotes security, free speech, and privacy compared to the intrusive and restrictive policies of Twitter. It also has a neat interface, as well as news feeds. Gettr is free for download via iOS and Android stores.
    Parler is a microblogging platform that promotes free speech. It was touted to be the best replacement to Twitter. Parler is currently offline due to collaborative effort by Big Tech to deplatform it most likely due to threat of competition and monopolistic policies. Parler CEO promised to be back soon to service it’s users.
Online Storage and File Collaboration
    NextCloud is a cloud-based file storage much like Google Drive, DropBox and One Drive. It offers encrypted file, chat and web collaboration and cloud editing just like Google Docs.
Free Wiki Enclypodia
    InfoGalactic is a prominent and alternative free encyclopedia that is a dynamic fork and replacement to systemically biased Wikipedia.
Would you like to know how much data Big Tech has on you? Check this website JustGetMyData to retrieve tracked data that popular social media sites have on you.

Let us know if you have other suggestions that we can add to this list. We’ll be more than happy to know your thoughts.
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