hide-drives-cmdBelow we outline the steps on How to Hide your Drive from Windows Explorer using the CMD or Command Prompt (DOS). Yes, it is handy to have your Drives visible in your Windows Explorer or in My Computer.
However, there are times when you would opt to hide a parition or drive from prying eyes. Or you may just want to preserve your files from easy access and possible deletion. We advise caution before proceeding. hide-drives-cmd
Command Line Tweaks – Hide a Drive from Explorer with CMD
A. Fire-up CMD (must have elevated privilege or administrator)
    B. Type in Diskpart then hit the Enter key
    C. Type in List Volume then hit the Enter key
Make sure you know the drive letter you want to remove. If we are sure on the volume number and the drive letter, then we may proceed.
As an example, we choose Volume 5 labeled as Drive E.
    D. Now we type in Select Volume 5 then hit the Enter key
    E. Next type in Remove Letter E then hit the Enter key
At the end of the steps you will receive a message prompt:
    Diskpart successfully removed the drive letter or mount point.
That’s it. Your Drive will no longer appear in Explorer or My Computer. The Drive icon is now invisible in all Windows folders. However, since we only removed the label, the Drive is still accessible by directly typing the Drive letter in CMD or Explorer address bar. For instance, even if hidden, typing C: will open-up Drive C. This tweak is useful for folks who would like to hide partition or drive icons from Explorer. If you would like to revert the steps back and show the hidden drive again, follow steps A to D then type in:
    F. Assign Letter E then hit the Enter key
Drive E is now visible again in Explorer.
Happy Tweaking!
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